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Tested the game out both on my personal channel and on our playtesting service channel, GameRoundCo!

Even though the game is in it early stages and still has it's rough edges and crashes, the game is very fun to play, can see myself playing this on the go on SteamDeck. Liked the artstyle & the story.

My Video: Raw Playtesting - The Black Pepper Crew - YouTube

GameRoundCo's Video: Mr Chicken Takes The Shot - The Black Pepper Crew Demo With Camms - YouTube 

Excellent tactical turn-based strategy video game, it has a very good pixel art, a spectacular setting and a soundtrack that highlights the places where we find ourselves. I leave my video review in case you want to know more about this game, I speak Spanish but it has English subtitles.


Absolutely amazing, well polished game, deserves more recognition!

Thanks! I feel honored!


I absolutely adore this game concept! The art is great. The sound design and homemade music is insanely cool.

Not gonna lie - it's challenging! (Took me a couple of times before I completed the first mission. And when I did, it involved a lone-survivor chicken and a gunfight. Epic!)
But the game is hard in a way that's fair, and it only pumps me up to actually put the time in, and beat it.
Satisfying failure is something that is so rare in games, and I think this one nails it. It feels like a game that's easy to understand, but hard to master. Which is what we love!

Loved it, and can't wait for more levels and more content! : )

Thank you Amalie! I'm very happy to know that you found my little game fun and had a great time with it!!  I have been struggling with the difficulty and your feedback felt like that pat on the back that I sooo much needed! 


very very very very very very fun i loved it so much i cannot wait for more :D this is one of the best strategy games i ever played but i just want you to add one thing where the frog can also use his grapple hook to pull himself towards a wall instead of only things to him it would be a nice thing to add in my opinion thats all :)

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hey! thanks malek_elsady ! Its you from the discord! went to great lengths to request that so Im definitively adding it. Im sooooo happy that you enjoyed my little game :D


thanks! :D

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After following you on Reddit and finally play this demo I can give you my congratulations as indie game developer. Continue working on, it's awesome!!

Thank you, this is fuel to my motivation. :)


Awesome demo.

The game has really nice vibe with cool graphics and awesome music. 

I think I found some bugs/quirks.

1. You can not know the distance of frog lasso from the description. I got in trouble because of that :)

2. Top bar is not always synchronized with situation. Health of character can be off. I think it happens when you enter new area.

3. If you click on a map multiple times when doing mission planning. It can show this situation which is showing that you'll only take 3 characters on next mission, which is not true.

4. In disco mission I think I should be able to move to more places with wolf but I couldn't. Maybe the dancers are only visually removed but they're still there in some cases.

Kudos for the demo. Keep up working :)


Hello Mr. aliendisco! Thanks for taking the time to create this detailed and insightful comment. I have what I need to squash those bugs! 
I'll be hard at work to improve and deliver a much better experience. Thanks!!